What is BPM software?

BPM software is an Internet/Intranet browser-based application and tools suite that combines electronic document (e-DOCS) workflow with enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, Finance, and document management systems.

The objective of BPM software is to improve companies’ businesses by enabling close management of the execution of processes (e-DOCS), the measurement and monitoring of performance, and providing comprehensive information to decision-makers.

Partial solutions are often delivered by various providers including ERP vendors, however only few truly provide fully comprehensive, general-purpose, cross-company solutions. BizDoc is a fully comprehensive business process management solution which is developed by Moding Software Solutions.

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Moding is a leading developer of Business Process Management Software products and Web centric workflow solutions enjoying many years of experience with over 100 direct and indirect customers and thousands of users.

A privately owned corporation, Moding focuses on providing SMB as well as large organizations around the world with standards-based, easy to implement, cost effective workflow solutions.

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